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What’s In a Name

I have over a decade of experience naming foster animals, and then after deciding on two human names, I felt tapped out. After deciding on names with my husband for our daughters, I’m very glad we didn’t always have to agree on foster animal names!

untitled-6A dog’s name is important and often the first thing they learn. It needs to suit their personality, not just their appearance.


My track record with naming fosters is pretty good. I would guess about 80% of our foster pets kept their names (Myrtle, Billie, Eddie, Vera, Calvin, James, Betty, Ethel, Steve, Abe, Chip, Wilbur, Louie, Norman … the list goes on).

DSC_0491As goofy and silly as this puppy is right now, I wanted to name him based on what he could become.

DSC_0115His breed, the Great Pyrenees, has been used a livestock guardian for many years. Originally the breed worked with Shepherds in France and Spain. The breed is known for their impressive size, gentleness with children, and loyalty to their family (herd and human). Obviously, you can see here he is definitely cut out for guard work. 😉

DSC_0613The Great Pyrenees will guard their territory by using the least amount of aggression/force possible, often times just their bark is enough to scare off an unwanted guest. Because of this, I like to refer to them as a peacekeeper.

untitled-5RANGER … is what we are calling him. It’s a strong name meaning “protector.” Sorry for those of you who voted for Fluffy, Puff, Cotton, or even my daughter’s favorite, “Huppy.” Although “Ranger Huppy” will be his full name. 😉

Foster Dogs

Help Hendrix find a Home!

If you are familiar with our former foster pup Billie, then you can sympathize with Hendrix. He has suffered a great deal in his short life. As you can tell, he had very severe demodex mange as well as secondary skin infections when he was found by animal control.

hendrixfirst IMG_0982

He was rescued by Animal Action Rescue (Atlanta, GA) just one day before he was set to be euthanized. A week later the poor guy broke with Parvovirus and had to fight for his life. He stayed in ICU for a full week but thankfully made it through. Since then his foster home has gotten his mange under control and his hair is growing back!  Hendrix is your typical loving Pit Bull; loves to snuggle, chase bugs and go for walks.  Please consider making Hendrix a part of your family!  Contact Animal Action Rescue for more information on Hendrix.

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