Breeding Schedule

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Sales Policy:

Our kids are on a bottle, disbudded, and up to date on vaccines and coccidia prevention. All of our goats are registered with ADGA, but a few are sold as pets. We have the right to keep kids at anytime. We prefer to keep kids until 4 weeks, but will make exceptions for experienced bottle raisers. If kids cannot be picked up at 4 weeks it is $50 a month after. We do not take deposits but have a list for each doe. Priority is given to repeat buyers and show/performance homes. The breeding schedule can be changed at any time.

Sally x Special $3000 (DOE FULL/BUCK FULL)

Tan G Rine x Special $3000 (DOE FULL/BUCK FULL)

Saturn x TBD $3000 (DOE FULL/BUCK OPEN)

Juno x Special $2000 (DOE FULL/BUCK OPEN)

Dolce x Special $1400 (DOE FULL/BUCK OPEN)

Sativa x Cider $1200 (DOE OPEN/BUCK OPEN)

Smoke x Aberama $1200 (DOE FULL/BUCK OPEN)

Opelika x Special $1400 (DOE FULL/BUCK OPEN)

Raven x Cider $1200 (DOE OPEN)

Aurora x Special $1400 (DOE OPEN)

Ophelia x Special $1400 (DOE OPEN)

Kari x Special $1400 (DOE OPEN)

Lyra x Cider $1200 (DOE OPEN)

Ursula x Aberama $1200 (DOE OPEN)

Olenna x Aberama $1200 (DOE OPEN)

Mars x Special $1400 (DOES OPEN)

Galaxy x Cider $1200 (DOES OPEN)

Calypso x Special $1400 (DOES FULL)

Solar x Special $1400 (DOES OPEN)

Covergirl x Special $1400 (DOES OPEN)

Adella x Jack $1200 (DOES OPEN)

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