Castle Rock Sunthin’ Special (DOB 7/3/2021)
Sire: Castle Rock Thunderhead
(Castle Rock Eros x Castle Rock Polar Vortex)
Dam: CH Castle Rock Tahitian Sunset (2019 ADGA National Champion)
(Castle Rock Cleveland Sage x CRF Castle Rock Tuscan Sun)

We were honored to be able to purchase the 2021 ADGA Spotlight Buck, Castle Rock Sunthin’ Special! Special is is out of the 2019 National Champion, and National Best Udder CH Castle Rock Tahitian Sunset VEEE 90. She was also part of the first place Breeder’s Trio, first place Dairy Herd, and first place Get of Sire entry. Sunthin is sired by Castle Rock Thunderhead, who is out of CH Castle Rock Polar Vortex EEEE 91 by Castle Rock Eros. Special is already breeding does for 2022! (Photos courtesy of Castle Rock)

Agape’s Prize Reverend CQuinn *B (DOB 2/1/2019)
Sire: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn
(Old Mountain Farm Inlikequinn x Old Mountain Farm Peris)
Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Countnblessns
(Old Mountain Farm Nightshade x CH Wood Bridge Farm Xoleeta)

Reverend’s Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Countnblessns (photo courtesy of Hilltop Farms)

CH Moon Station Orion
Sire: Agape’s Prize Reverend CQuinn *B
(Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn x CH Wood Bridge Farm Countnblessns)
Dam: CH Wood Bride Farm Sally (GCH Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind x Wood Bridge Farm Paris)

Moon Station Aberama Gold
Sire: Agape’s Prize Reverend C Quinn *B 
(Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn x CH Wood Bridge Farm Countnblessns))
Dam: CH Little Tots Estate Saturn (SG Little Tots Estate Agave ++B x Little Tots Estate Nerium)

Rosasharn SM Sparkling Cider
Sire: Rosasharn MS Sea Monster
Dam: Rosasharn AX Champagne Bubbles

Pictures is his full sister, SG Rosasharn SM Martnelli’s Cider 7*M VEEE 90 (photos courtesy of Rosasharn)

Hidden Hills Water Water Hawthorne (We co-own Hawthorne with Novella Farm)
Sire: Hidden Hills Chase the Legend
(Algedi Farm CK Kinetic Riptide +*B (+VE 84 @ 6yrs) x  SGCH Alethia Dew Lee Noted 6*M (VEEE 91 @ 4yrs)
Dam: GCH Hidden Hills HB River Blossom 8*M (EEEE 91 @ 3yrs 2ms) (CH Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson +*B (EVE 90 @ 5yrs) x SGCH Bellafire BP Country Melody 7*M (EEEE 91 @ 3yrs))

40 West Farm Permafrost
Sire: Castle Rock Pineapple Express
Dam: CH Rosasharn CB Anemone EEEE 91

Little Tots Estate Thuja
Sire: SG Little Tots Estate Agave ++B
Dam: GCH Little Tots Estate Spireae 2*M 1*D