CH Little Tots Estate Saturn VEEE91

Our foundation doe, Saturn, the one who started it all. I purchased her from Little Tots Estate on a whim while I was picking up another doe. I knew very little about showing dairy goats at the time, but once she freshened I knew this doe was special. Saturn was my first permanent champion in the barn. I could list all her strengths but that would take all day. She is well known for her over 20 Best in Show wins! She is truly a once in a lifetime doe.

CH Little Tots Estate Saturn VEEE91 (DOB 5/28/2015)
Sire: Little Tots Estate Agave B (AGS Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B x GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3M)
Dam: Little Tots Estate Nerium (Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum +B x AGS Little Tots Estate Lobelia 1M)