About the Farmers

Here we are in all our crazy glory.  Please also follow us on facebook, The Tucker Farm.550553_10151117512173651_527346856_n.jpg

Once upon a time it was just myself, Beth, husband Joe, and a few dogs and cats. We lived in a suburban town in Georgia called Tucker on 3/4 of an acre. While residing in Tucker we added chickens, Nigerian Dwarf goats, a little girl named Adelyn, rabbits, and countless foster animals. I became passionate about living a more sustainable life and teaching my children to do the same. Growing my own food and raising livestock became my dream. But the real dream was getting a real farm! After becoming pregnant with our second baby we started searching for our first real farm. We moved into our dream farm in 2015, just a few months before our second baby was due. The place seemed to have it all, big house, land, barn, some fencing . . . and then the fun started! Is this the easiest life?  Hardly!  But we wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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Contact Info:

To contact me, simply send me an email at blabauve@gmail.com.  Or you can private message us on the Tucker Farm Facebook page.  We will respond as quickly as possible.


While most of the photos used in this blog are my own, I try to ensure every photo image is properly sourced.  If you see something that is unintentionally mis-credited, please send me a note and I’ll correct the error immediately.

By the same token, you’re welcome to utilize any of my photos and designs, whether you pin, share, or blog – but I ask that you please link back to The Tucker Farm.

9 thoughts on “About the Farmers”

  1. Congrats Beth and family! Truly happy for you!!!!! I will always love and respect the work you do do for animals!!!!

  2. Beth! I am so happy to hear that on top of all the OTHER GIRLS in your household, you’re adding another one this year! Congrats to you and the hubby! So thankful for people like you and the work you do to save shelter dogs! Betsy has changed lives, minds, and hearts, and that’s largely because of YOU!


  3. Can people visit your farm? I love the concept of your farm! I grew up on a dairy farm myself in central Wisconsin. I wish we had raised goats!

    1. It does mention we live in Georgia, sorry you missed that! Unfortunately, we do not allow visitors for privacy reasons and biosecurity for our animals.

  4. Have just found your link through a friend and thoroughly have enjoyed your photos and story. Congratulations on both… you apparently are doing an awesome job! I noticed that early on you also rescued rabbits and am wondering if you still do?

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