New kids have arrived – Spring is almost here!

Soon (if you’re lucky) your newsfeed will be filled with baby goats – kidding season is here! Today our doe, Queen, gave birth to 2 bucklings!

untitled-26.jpgI was lucky enough to be present for the whole thing. I’ve promised my husband to keep the pictures PG, as I took pictures of every moment and angle of the birth.

untitled-25Mothers of any species amaze me. Their strength is unmatched. While cleaning one kid she was actively passing the other kid. Minutes after both were born she had them up and nursing.


We have more does due soon, but each time is a special experience for me. We can’t keep them all, but kidding puts our does back in milk. The kids that we don’t keep either go to pet homes or other farms.

untitled-27Please email us at blabauve@gmail.com for kid and milk availability.

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