We bought a Farm . . . a real one!

Some of you may not realize where our name, The Tucker Farm, came from. For the last 8 years we lived on 3/4 of an acre in a suburban town called Tucker. I crammed as many animals as I could onto that tiny lot!

After becoming pregnant with our second child we knew it was time to move to a REAL farm! I imagine you are picturing a pristine pasture full of flowers wrapped in a perfect fence. That’s not quite what we bought, but I know we will get there!

Moving Day!

Settling in . . .

Next up . . . the work begins!

5 thoughts on “We bought a Farm . . . a real one!”

  1. Love it!!! I wish you and your family a very happy healthy life down on the farm. XXOOXX

  2. I am so jealous and yet so inspired! My ultimate life goal is to move my family to the country and start my own rescue “farm”..Congratulations on your new adventure. May your days be filled with hard work and the many blessings that will follow!!!

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