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The Love of a Tucker Farm Dog

Here at The Tucker Farm our dogs love all creatures, big and small.


We’ve always had a lot of pets, but what’s amazing is how much our dogs love being around all the animals at The Tucker Farm.  Please follow The Tucker Farm on facebook!

And yes those are mainly Pit Bulls, the breed with the biggest heart of all.  🙂


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Welcome to the Tucker Farm!

We’re Newlyweds living on a backyard farm located not far from Atlanta, Georgia.  We practice as many crunchy-granola ideas as we can stand.12829_10151117800898651_702605943_n

Our house is like our hearts, filled with animals.  Animals at the farm include dogs, cats, chickens, and rabbits.  When we aren’t taking care of animals we are gardening, shooting photos, or working on our long list of projects.


A huge part of our lives over the past 10 years have been devoted to rescuing and fostering animals.  While we move onto the next chapter of our lives that will have less foster animals, we will always have fond memories of the animals that have come in and out of our lives.


We’re expecting our first human child this Spring, and we couldn’t be more excited!